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LJ Doll Makers' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
LJ Doll Makers

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1st post from me - FF4 fan doll [02 Jun 2009|08:24pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I was inspired by a certain part in FF4. It's Cecil (right) and Theodore (left).
I'm hoping to make more dollz in the future. =D It's so fun making them again. x3
Cecil, Theodore, and Final Fantasy belong to Squeenix.
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[28 Mar 2009|12:03am]

I'll post here... trying to pump some life into this dead community. Who knows, we might be able to bring it back to life for good! 8DDD

These two are my most recent dolls, characters from a roleplay I'm a part of~

Bases by Jishin and Rainy Day Crap Box.
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Moderator Post [27 Mar 2009|11:44pm]

I've moderated membership to this community since all it's been getting lately is spam.

I know it's been pretty dead here and I don't even know how many of you are even still watching.

The other moderator, _minx, hasn't even updated her LJ in four years so I've removed her as a maintainer.

I've also removed everyone who has deleted their journals or posted spam. Anyone posting spam will be removed, unless I hear that you yourself that your account has been hacked.

Now, anyone have any ideas for bringing this community back to life? I know quite a bit of you still doll, but a lot of you only update on deviantART.

Should we do a theme a week, or just post when we feel like posting? Anything you'd like to see? Suggestions? Is anyone alive out there? :)
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Looking for a new hangout [29 Jan 2009|02:41am]

It's so sad that this community seems dead; unfortunately a lot of the forums do as well. What forums are atill around and active that you go to or know of? After Eden Enchanted closed it seems that the dolling scene on the whole took a dive. :(

I hope this isn't too off-topic. I'll delete it if so.
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[18 Jun 2007|01:46am]

Hello! I haven't been officially dolling for very long, but I've currently started putting my fashion designs on dolls. The two I have done right now, also found on my personal journal, are these:

I'd love to know what you all think of them. Bases by Fainelloth.
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Help [02 Dec 2006|10:55pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Hey I was just wondering what do you guys use to make dolls. I want to learn how, if anyone knows where to find good/simple tutorials please let me know.

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Attention doll_makers Members! [02 Dec 2006|10:15am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Meet your new moderator...ME!!! _minx is still on as a mod too, but I'll be a little more active.

Since I'm on LJ about a million times a day, I'll make sure there is no extraneous crap posted here.

I'll be tweaking the rules, but not too much. The two major changes will be:

1. HAND DRAWN DOLLS ONLY!!! No ball joints, no sculptures, no drag/drops, no Yahoo, no Meez.

2. Entries will be deleted if: they are not hand drawn, do not have base credits, are stolen, or on banned bases.

I'll let you know when I finish tweaking the rules.

Now, I got some cleaning up to do.


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Need help. [13 Oct 2006|06:35pm]

I need help finding the site that has this doll base pose. I thought I had the link to it but apparently I ended up deleting it a long time ago from bookmarks.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Much appreciated if anyone is able to help.

[22 Jun 2006|02:59pm]

Hey all. It's been a hundred years since I've posted anything here - it's been about that long since I've done any dolling. At any rate, I have been doing some lately and just wanted to throw these out here. Any of these are adoptable - I just don't have a website anymore. (haven't for a long time) so if you want to grab, just link back to my livejournal I guess.

Follow the lj cut.Collapse )

my first two dollz [25 May 2006|03:35pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

these are the first two ive ever made using bases and suck from dollzmania. i hope oneday to be able to make my own...


Lady LovelyLocks Contest [01 May 2006|02:01am]


Take a tour down nostalgia lane, and get back to the Kingdom of Magical Hair fun! :)


First Post [23 Apr 2006|09:45pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Here are a couple of dolls I've done in the past weeks :) :)
My Little Mermaid doll challenge at doll100<--everyone check it out!

Little Mermaid--39/100

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[04 Apr 2006|12:23am]

Self Portrait

base: Dollasic Park

[01 Apr 2006|10:48pm]


Base: Unreal Designs

ElfQuest Themed Pixel Doll Contest :) [19 Mar 2006|02:45am]

I had almost forgot about this community.. not posted in a while, mildly put!

Need an excuse to get your creativity flowing? Then please enter my ElfQuest Pixel Doll Contest! :)

..ends on the 31st of March, as so far I have not quite received 30 entries :P

Lots of Dolls! [15 Mar 2006|05:08pm]

[ mood | sick ]

There's a lot of dolls here. Many of them were part of my challenge at doll_100.
Base Credits: Kawaii-Hannah, Angy-chan

Dollies GaloreCollapse )
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Mythology Dollz [14 Mar 2006|08:47pm]

[ mood | okay ]

+ want/take/have/comment/credit


MythologyCollapse )

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A few new dollz... [28 Dec 2005|10:11pm]

[ mood | pleased ]

+ 34 Dollz on Angy Chan's Oni base
+ new dolls in red
+ want/take/have/comment/credit

I <3 the 80's!Collapse )

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very cute wedding maker [17 Dec 2005|08:18am]

create your dreamed wedding with the ceremony and party, a beautifull scene maker!
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New Dolling Forum! [17 Dec 2005|01:48am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

I made a dolling forum, because you can't go wrong with one! Well... sometimes... but anyways!

Pixelate Coffee House

I made it myself, and I need members! Please join! <3<3


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